• Central Shipping NV
  • North Trade Building
  • Noorderlaan 133
  • BE 2030 Antwerpen
  • T +32 3 540 03 33
  • F +32 3 540 03 39
  • E: csbelgium@csbelgium.be
  • BE 0477.819.228
  • IBAN:BE84 0013 6004 2959
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Central shipping Belgium NV with a paid capital of EUR 375.000,- is an independent shipping agency in Antwerp that was established in 2002 by our mother company in Milano, Centralfin group Italy.

Our office consist of specialized and skilled people who focus mainly on the following maritime activities:

North Trade Building
  1. Full representation of liner agencies.
    Presently we are agent for Dole Ocean Cargo Express, Pan Ocean, MG Shipping and African Express Lines.
    The shipping lines are serving niche markets related to breakbulk and container business (inbound as well as outbound).
    We are very proud to represent these shipping lines as they all enjoy a very good reputation in our North European shipping and forwarding market.
  2. NVOCC’s operation with the representation of Kestrel/Tropical shipping.
  3. LCL services:
    Export: Caribbean/Central America.
    Import: Pakistan/India
  4. Port or ships' agency.
    Our boarding clercks handle all kind of vessels, such as container, breakbulk, reefer, tanker, roro, short and deep sea vessels on behalf of vessels’ owners, charterers or operators as well as for a variety of other agencies who are outsourcing their water clerck activities.
    Our dedicated team is at your full disposal 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to meet all your logistic and shipping needs.
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